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2013-04-28 10:29:47 by Cool990


If you are reading this, you probably know that this was posted for no reason for no reason, because it says in the title that this is being posted for no reason for no reason, and, even if it didn't say in the title that I'm posting this for no reason for no reason, it should already be obvious that this is being posted for no reason for no reason, as this post is pointlessly pointless with striking amounts of redundancy.


You don't.

Just answer the question above.

Something to ask

2010-11-10 13:33:55 by Cool990

"Mesa é uma peça de mobiliário, geralmente feita de madeira ou metal. É um elemento indispensável ou insubstituível numa casa, e tem múltiplas funções na vida privada, social e, até mesmo, religiosa. Seguramente é a peça mais simples da mobília."

These are phrases of a certain language. Now, what do you think this language is?


2010-10-29 13:07:56 by Cool990

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is not coming to the PSN?????


2010-09-27 14:59:06 by Cool990

it's been a long time.


2010-04-04 18:02:58 by Cool990


7 lucky 7s eat 7 platessssssssssss muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahahahahaha


2010-03-18 20:06:29 by Cool990